Designed specially according to customer requirement - Easy mount on any kind of truck chassis

Furnished with;

Mosa Generator & Welding

Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1230 x 690 x 925 (without wheels and towbar)

Displacement/Cylinders 2/954 cm3
Engine Type Kholer Diesel, air-cooled, 4 stroke
Fuel Consumption 2.5 l/hr
Insulating Class H
Protection IP 23
Running Time 15 hours @ 60% load

Three phase 10 kVA / 400v / 14.4A
Single Phase 5 kVA/230V/21.7A
Tank capacity 38 litres
Weight (kg) 345 (without wheels and towbar)

Air compressor

Single stage, three phase following the main features:

Power: 3 kW (4 hp)

Delivery: 500 l/min (17,6 cfm)

Pressure: 10 bar (145 PSI)
Air tank: 200 l

Speed: 1300 rpm

Sliding lifting beam;

mounted on the top of workshop box fitted with a 1.500 Kg capacity hoist.

This system allows loading into the workshop the mechanical parts to repair.


Following are the main features:
 Heavy duty column drilling machine
 Particularly suitable for carpentry of medium and large sizes.
 The drill is equipped with switch with reversal of the direction of rotation.
 Drilling capacity in steel: Ø 32 mm
 Drilling capacity in cast iron: Ø 40 mm
 Tapping capacity: M 16
 Milling capacity: Ø 50 mm
 Spindle speed: 100 to 2,080 rpm
 Distance column / spindle center: 202 mm
 Maximum distance spindle nose:
 Spindle / work table pieces 550 mm
 Spindle / base 1,250 mm
 Column Ø 115 mm
 Table size 406x363 mm
 Drill Height 1,845 mm
 Basic dimensions: 648 x 412 x 128 mm
 Overall dimensions: 610 x 813 x 1.845
 Power supply: 380 V - 3 Ph

 Motor power: 1 ½ HP, Net weight: 270 kg

Accessories and other hand tools

Easy mounting on truck body. Upon requirement our mechanics can mount workshop system on customer truck in their country.

Alura also produce mobile laboratory, mobile clinic trailer, mobile lubrication truck bodies.. 






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