Mobile lab to fight Tuberculosis in Tanzania, Zambia

KAMPALA, UGANDA: Tanzania and Zambia have received $3.86 million from the European Union (EU) to introduce Mobile Diagnostic and Training Centres (MDTC), as part of plans to fight Tuberculosis (TB) in these two countries. The MDTC is a truck equipped with laboratory, generator and film show equipment; and will be deployed in rural areas where there is a shortage of health facilities.

People infected with TB and HIV living in rural areas face challenges in accessing health care services either because the nearest facility is miles away, or is not equipped with modern facilities and lacks medical professionals. Officials therefore plan for the $250,643 state of the art mobile laboratory to bridge these gaps, as the labs can be used to diagnose and stage a number of TB and HIV cases in just under 24 hours.

Those diagnosed can then begin receiving treatment immediately. The MDTC will also use video and film shows in the evenings to offer health education on TB and HIV/AIDS focusing on detection, prevention and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.


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