Dimensions :

Length : 7000 mm

Width : 2500 mm

Height : 2400 mm

Body structure:

7000 mm X 2500 mm X 2400 mm body structure

Made of steel structure (skeletal) Sandwich pannel (inside galvanized steel and outside completely steel)  Between steel and galvanized steel 50 mm foam for insulation

Windows and doors are showed with the project pictures. (Please also check related drawing on attachment)

Swing out lockable rear door

Floor is made of chequered steel

Side protection in accordance with EU regulations

Equipped with heavy duty drawers chests and cabinets contains all required tools & equipments

Ventilation and windows

Entrance with ladder

Ventilation covers for generator and compressor units

Inside installation :

Workshop compartment content  (See Annex for details)

Oiler and Greaser(See Annex for details)

Air Compressor(See Annex for details)

Tyre Repair Kit(See Annex for details)

Mono-rail crane(See Annex and Design layouts for details)

Battery Charger Kit  (See Annex for details)

Mechanic Tool Kit(See Annex for details)

Measurement and special tools(See Annex for details)


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