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Technical specifications of Mobile Clinic Trailer

Dimensions :

Length : 6.000 mm

Width : 2.400 mm

Height : 2.200 mm


Galvanized chassis

Mechanical brake system

2 units torsion axles (no need maintenance)

185 R 14C tyres

7 poles electrical plug – stop lamps

Body structure:

6000 mm X 2400 mm X 2200 mm body structure

Made of sandwich panel (GRP Pannel) with thickness 0.40 – 0.45 W/m2K insulated

Ventilation and windows

Entrance with ladder

Covers for generator and compressor unit

Inside installation :

Tooilet, washbasin, 100 Lt clean water and 120 L sawage water

Clean water pump with hydrofor, sawage water discharging with pump

Cupboards for storage (spare parts)

Designed office furnitures, desk tables etc.. (like the design which have been sent)

·        5 kVA - 230 V automatic generator

220 W electrical plugs

Outside electrical inlet to use city line

Electric control panel, turn-key system for all equipment

LED fluorescent inside lighting

Fire-proof electrical installation all inside of structure

LED outside spot lights for working in the night with extension cables and apparatus for long distance lighting apparatus.

Cassette type rain/sun shelter

A/C unit for both heating and cooling sysem

Floor is made of anti-sliding mineflon

Windows and other details were discussed and agreed

o    1 mm lead covered cell (x) - Discussed separate above points.Inside installation :

Technical Drawing  (See Annex for details)

Equipment List (See Annex for details)


To get detailed technical drawing for your requirement please contact with us



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