Technical specifications of Tanker Body

Capacity : 40 Ton / 1 compartment

Testing Pressure : 0.300 Bar

Body of tanker : It is made from ST 37 4 mm sheet iron. Rear and front cambers are pressed. Tank body is cylindrical shape with robotic welding technology

Discharge system : 4” globe valve is placed with 4” elbow to rear of the tank in such a way that all products in tank can be discharged.

·          Pump system . activated from electric compressor, Electric provider will be 25 kw Generator.

Filling system : 1 unit manhole cover will be placed at the top of the tank. Manhole cover will be isolated 8-10 mm thickness and there will be locking and seal place.

·          Pipes of overflow pool which will be placed on tank is 1”

Heating system : There will be 2 units oil burner which run on diesel or equivalent at the rear of the tank. There will be a platform at the rear of the tank for operating oil burner.

Ladder and platform : There will be a ladder and walking platform

Technical specifications of running gear

Chassis : It is made from ST-52 and mono bloc  chassis.

Axles : 3 Turkish brand high quality axles with TUV certificate. All parts of axle compatible with BPW.

Suspension : Air suspension on the 3 axles

King-pin : It can be assembled and disassembled from the bottom, diameter of 2” (50.8mm) in accordance with SAE and DIN standards

Landing Legs :  24 ton double speed mechanic landing legs and it has TUV certificate.

Wheel and tyres : 385 65R 22.5 sizes 6 + 1 units tyres and rims with TUV certificate

Electrical System : 24 V electrical system in accordance with EEC standards with 7 and 15 pins electrical socket.

Paint :  After 2 premier  epoxy ground color. And tank will be painted requested color with oven drying

Accessories :

·          1 unit spare tyre

·          Spare tyre frame

·          Toolbox

·          Water tank

·          4 units mudguards made of plastic

·          Fire extinguisher (6kg) with its box

Warning signs and writings



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