New Semi trailers & Mobile workshop trucks from stock..

Alura is a well known semi trailer supplier in the World by supplying its semi trailers from Turkey to all over the World with its experienced team. All Alura products both semi trailers and mobile workshop systems are produced according to customer requirement and heavy duty use as well as competitive price.

Flatbed - Lowbed and Container chassis trailers..

Fuel - Water - Bulk Cement Tanker trailers..

Extendable semi trailers

Mobile Lubrication - Maintenance Workshop Truck bodies.. Alura Mobile Workshop & Lubrication & Laboratory trucks have unique design with requirements of customers.

Our Chief engineer Mr.Yavuz Urhan fully understand customer needs and present best fit mobile workshop system to the customers.

Our product range meets sector requirements as trucks, trailers and transportation..

Availability of our products over 20 different models for both semi trailers & mobile workshop truck systems can be delivered to countries all over the World with our sales team under our sales manager Mr.Metin Alçar as well as share holder of Alura Trailer Company.

Quality; we completely understand customer requirement and present equipments according to our experiences for years. Alura Trailer company founded in 2004 and run by Alcar family. Both quality and after sale service are important to us to establish a long term business relationships at the sector transportation, mining, oil and gas, construction..

Company details;

Alura Dış Ticaret - Çamtepe Mah. Mithatpaşa Cad. No 277-279 No:11 

Tel : +90 232 999 95 00 Direct sales : +90 5442420491

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (General requirements)

Sales manager & CEO - Metin Alçar Tel: +90 5442420491

Chief Engineer : Yavuz Urhan Tel: +90 533 6979696

VAT : 0500241841 Registered by İzmir Chamber of Commerce

Branch offices in Istanbul - Turkey sale: +90 212 6820778





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