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Flatbed semi trailer

Container chassis

Lowbed semi trailers

Tipper Trailer

Bulk Cement Trailers

Tanker semi trailers

Mobile Workshop Trucks


Many countries we deliver our semi trailers like; The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, France etc.. in EU Algeria, Libya, Ghana, Kenya, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Nigeria, South Africa etc.. in Africa continent, all middle-east countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, UAE etc.. Russia and CIS countries.

Our semi trailer experts can give you all details that you need both technical details of our equipments and shipment possibilities. 

Alura Trailer produce many kind of semi trailers using at transportation & mining & construction sectors. As; Container chassis trailer, flatbed trailers, lowbed/lowboy trailers, tipper trailers, bulk cement trailer, tanker trailers etc.. from Turkey to all over the World via Alura Trailer.Alura can source a huge range of spare parts also to its customers in time when they need.

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