The purpose of the mobile workshop is to service and repair

 Submersible Pumps,

 Engine

 Generators,

 Vehicles, Truck

 General purpose repair

 Pipe line systems etc. at construction sites (water supply & irrigation projects) located away from nearby town regular service and repair facilities.

Mobile workshop unit mounted on 4 x 4 truck, to service and repair any mechanic and hydraulic vehicle. Furnished with

all the necessary equipment and tools for assistance on field, the Mobile Workshop Unit is suitable for hard off road

Cover long distances.

The workshop box is removable from the truck deck (container + four twist locks).

The left side is fully opening to facilitate assistance operations.

Air compressor and generator are located in a separate space.

The box is complete with an air circuit with three outputs and an electric circuit with four lights.


 Sliding lifting beam mounted on the top of workshop box fitted with a 1.500 Kg capacity hoist.

 This system allows loading into the workshop the mechanical parts to repair.


Air compressor single stage, three phase following the main features:

Power: 3 kW (4 hp)

Delivery: 500 l/min (17,6 cfm)

Pressure: 10 bar (145 PSI)

Air tank: 200 l

Speed: 1300 rpm



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